Liv Moon - Symphonic moon 3.5/5

Reviewed: 2-1-13


1. Amen!
2. Angel of zero
3. Alchemy
4. Kiss me kill me
5. Coffin of ice
6. Fugitive
7. Black serenade
8. Mon heart world
9. The last savior
10. An angel smile
11. Interlude - By the ruin
12. Masquerade

Let's get straight to the point, shall we? Liv Moon is a symphonic metal band that's the Japanese answer to Nightwish, though regarding their releases from 'Once' on, so their style is unlike early Nightwish (specifically the style of 'Oceanborn'). If you're a fan of recent Nightwish and the many comparable bands, certainly read on...

Liv Moon is mainly about vocalist Akane Liv, a classically trained opera (soprano) singer, and her voice is truly wonderful. Perhaps she's Japan's mirror to Tarja, though she reminds me of Liv Kristine at times too. It's obvious that she's a really capable vocalist, and fans of female fronted metal should be pleased with what Akane has to offer. Her lyrics are in both English and Japanese however, so those who have yet to take interest in Japanese lyrics may not be so quick to get into this band, despite the high quality of vocals.

Formed in just 2009, 'Symphonic moon' is already the band's 3rd CD (plus they released a full-length CD of "covers"), and they've improved with each release - especially regarding songwriting, production, and the musicians surrounding Akane. The songs contain some big choirs, plenty of symphonic elements, are somewhat poppy at times, and are all quite catchy. There's a good balance of tempo, and Akane shines throughout both the slow and upbeat songs. I don't have any personal favorite songs, as the CD is consistently good to great for me, and I've been pleased with the fact that the band has gradually gotten better in such a short amount of time.

So what we have is a competitive female fronted symphonic metal band, and especially if you're a fan of Japanese lyrics, this is a worthwhile band to check out, for sure.




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