Legenda Aurea - Sedna 3.5/5

Reviewed: 6-15-07


1. Intro
2. Vengeance
3. War victim
4. Sedna
5. It's over
6. Years of coldness
7. Total eclipse
8. Instrumental
9. As the leaves fly
10. Farewell

Yet another female fronted symphonic power metal band enters the metal world. Out of Switzerland, Legenda Aurea introduces their debut 'Sedna' and I can tell you right from the start that you've heard this style a lot over the last few years, but as I've mentioned many times before, I like hearing new symphonic power metal bands and I love female vocals as much today as I did when I discovered bands like Nightwish long ago. So yes, 'Sedna' is another one of those CDs that's comparable to CDs from Nightwish, Visions of Atlantis, Rosa Ignea, Magica, Kapel Maister, Demether, The Aerium, Midwinter, Venin Noir, Lunatica, and so on.

Still here? Great! Because although Legenda Aurea can be considered unoriginal, they really excel in the songwriting department and 'Sedna' is a very memorable CD. In addition, vocalist Claudia Hofer has a beautiful voice in the soprano range, often times entering the operatic. Truthfully, I consider her one of the better vocalists of the aforementioned bands and I always look forward to hearing her voice when getting set to pop the CD in my player. Quite an amazing performance by Claudia, indeed.

The quality of the songs is fairly consistent, but I've found the smooth-paced track 4 "Sedna", the catchy track 6 "Years of coldness", the fast-paced track 7 "Total eclipse" and track 9 "As the leaves fly" (which follows track 8 "Instrumental", that should have had a proper name, even though it is an instrumental), and the closer "Farewell" to be my personal favorites. With exception of the ballad "It's over", which contains clear male vocals a la Visions of Atlantis and is pretty good (although I wish Claudia sang the entire song, even though the male vocals are solid), all of the songs are of the upbeat and exciting variety.

Unfortunately, the production is only decent and some of you will be displeased with that aspect, but we all know great songwriting is much more important. So 'Sedna' is a recommended CD, but if you don't already know whether or not it's for you, I can tell you that out of the many bands in this style, Visions of Atlantis and Rosa Ignea are the best/closest comparisons. If you have and enjoy those bands, you'll enjoy 'Sedna'. If not, there's still plenty of metal out there, so no worries.




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