Lechery - In fire 3.5/5

Reviewed: 9-1-11


1. Awakening
2. Mechanical beast
3. Burning anger
4. Heart of a metal virgin
5. Lethal
6. Cross the line
7. Carry on
8. In fire
9. All the way
10. The igniter
11. Lust for sin
12. We all gonna rock you tonight

Lechery’s debut CD, ‘Violator’ was a respectable effort that yielded mixed, though generally satisfying results. An amiable crossing point of melodic metal and hard rock, it offered boatloads of pleasing guitar playing, but fell down a little in the song writing department. As I pointed out in my review at the time, variety in both style and tempo was the chief problem, and while I don’t remember a single bad song, it’s also true that a great many of the songs I don’t remember at all as only a few managed to stand out from the rank and file.

Thankfully, ‘In fire’ is a follow-up that holds onto all of the debut’s achievements while sorting out a few of the deficiencies as well. Breaking out of midtempo more often was always going to be essential if Lechery were going to provoke a bit more excitement in the listener, and they have done just that with a larger power metal influence noticeable this time around that allows the CD shift up and down the gears far more often than its predecessor courtesy of an increased number of galloping riffs and a more energised shift from the rhythm section.

Both the title track and “The igniter” are among the more out-and-out metal tracks, and Robert Persson needs no 2nd invitation on songs like these to offer a lot more vibrant double-bass drumming than he had opportunity to first time around. Also in the instrumental stakes, the band’s founder and frontman Martin Bengtsson continues to confound his former Gothenburg journeyman status with his electrifying guitar solos, the newfound variety giving him plenty of opportunity to widdle to his heart’s content on the more energetic songs. The inherent limitations in his raspy voice (powerful, but lacking in serious range) are also exposed less often as the lack of repetition keeps them from becoming as glaringly apparent.

The fist-pumping hard rock style Lechery are known for though remains at the root of their approach, and massive, pounding drums and fist-pumping choruses rule the roost on many of the more memorable songs, not least the closing “We all gonna rock you tonight”, a simple denim-and-leather anthem built solely on uncomplicated chords and in-your-face attitude.

There was never anything wrong with what Lechery were doing, but ‘In fire’ has shaken them loose of the shackles somewhat and is a far more exciting CD that leaves the debut drifting in its wake, going to show that a bit of variety and less adherence to formula can go a long way to pushing a band up a level.




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