Hexfire - The fire of redemption 3.5/5

Reviewed: 2-1-12


1. Hexfire
2. Don't believe
3. Never learn
4. Wicked men
5. The time has come
6. The false prophet
7. Restless wanderer
8. The bridge of fire
9. Cry of the faithful man
10. Blamed

The hellions of harmonic heroism - Hexfire are here! Like soldiers of the wasteland wielding weapons of mass divination, with ramming speed, on the wings of steel and starlight, bringing forth the sounds of storming fury, these ragin' steel prophets are prepared for another hellish war.

On this, their Nightmare Records debut, these Polish powerheads fulminate forth with a haunting hexorcism of wicked mendacity, burning, torching, and tormenting with dragon's fire. Crossing the rainbow bridge, the merciless onslaught of these merchants of mayhem will be felt like the icy winds of death, piercing the face of despair.

Lucklessly, these restless wanderers and wayward sons of society may on first approach be viewed as being false prophets, and thus get blamed for mirroring another U.K. act spawned from the valley of the damned; who even now tend to drag on when forced to create something pounding and firmly grounded in sonic purity, as we await to hear their new vocalist. Well, if the power glove of metal fits....

Even though some may never learn, I urge that you don't believe all the hacks' hype, hex or schism. Clearly the comparisons are self-evident, however, Hexfire rise out of the ashes of mere mimicry, and have produced a polished, poignant, powerhouse of might and majesty. They have more in common with Fireforce, Dragonsfire, Hellish War, Stormhunter, Stormwarrior, Sacred Steel and their ilk, than they do with those other architects of inhuman rampage.

In fact, since Hexfire hail from Poland, it is refreshing to hear that the brazen vocals of Lucas Liszko are crisp and clear, even if tainted with a rough, scouring tinge. Thankfully there are no black or death metal misappropriations. When I hear Hexfire and the battle cry of the faithful men, I am one with their mettle. Although, the chaotic keyboard craziness, is a bit - at times - over the top, and like Rhapsody of Fire and Children of Bodom, it may appear too intense. Nevertheless, the solos are soaring, sedulous, sassy, sweet, and utterly amazing.

The CD commences with their anthem of rebellion, and begins a raw ride of feverous, shredding cuts, as each blistering piece of ironclad masked insanity initiates the listener into their evil united minds and frenzied phantasms. At once, you will feel persuaded to pulsate as you become hypnotized by the rhythms.

All the rapid fire songs are solid, and delivered with primal passion. However, "Restless wanderer" attends to a more folk-like quality, one which is very appealing, and which will assuage fans of Wuthering Heights, Falconer, and even early Phoenix Rizing.

Overall, this debut is wisely crafted and well spelt out with its cursory enchantments. Like Odin on the wild hunt, I willingly welcome Hexfire into my house of horrors, for the time has come to feel 'The fire of redemption'.




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