Hessler - Comes with the territory 3/5

Reviewed: 6-1-13


1. Waste away
2. Rising sign
3. Who will you run to
4. Confessions
5. Gone away
6. All you've done (Nothing is new)
7. Wicked world
8. Taste the lips
9. Million lights above
10. Hate me, leave me

Hessler is a female fronted hard rockin' crash 'n burn act from Chicago. I watched them open for Diamond Head in Columbus, and I was very impressed with their crazy kamikaze performance. They mix the heavy "hair metal" attitude of the 80s, established by the early work of Motley Crue, Skid Row, Keel, Lizzy Borden, etc., with a strong female presence; epitomized by the likes of Doro, Sister Sin, Lita Ford, Lady Beast, and so on.

Led by the lustful Lariyah Daniels - a provocative Polish, American model, actress, dancer and performer - this bad brood deliver the goods, raising the metal hate sign high, leaving me furiously banging. I confess that Lariyah may not have the best voice or range, but what she lacks in her singing skills, she makes up for in stage presence and passion. She is an enflamed femme fatale thrashing around with her skull mic. stand, encouraging the crowd to get involved in the wicked whirlwind. Along with Boznian born guitarist and vocalist Igz Kincaid - who reminds me of a mix of Tracii Guns and Nikki Sixx - just like a vicious shark attack, the 2 tear into ya' live.

The scarlet loiterers played some tracks from their 'Bad blood' EP like "Windy city wild child" and "Kamikaze"; however, it is this full-length CD they most wanted to promote. The new song "Wicked world" played to perfection by bassist Erik Michael really stood out, as did their Iron Maiden cover of "Hallowed be thy name". Apparently they also attempt W.A.S.P. and Twisted Sister. I would truly love to experience those renditions!

I met and spoke in length with lead guitarist Frankie "Snakes" Sripada, and I was very impressed with his and Igz's knowledge of metal history, for being so relatively young. I tried to discern what the name Hessler means, but all members were very ambiguous about answering this enigmatic question. The unnecessary use of the umlaut over the "E" just makes them more metal, I suppose, like Spinal Tap.

Prepare to taste the lips of rebellion on searing slices like the opener "Waste away", the mettle night captivating "Rising sign", the Vixen-like "Who will you run to", or the beleaguered "Confessions". These along with the pummeling, rampant closer "Hate me, leave me" showcase the band's collective talent. The more punkish inspired "All you've done (Nothing is new)" is replete with warrior gang vocals, and evokes the energy of the Runaways, while the aggressive "Taste the lips" spews poison right in your face, so open up and say, ahh!

I can easily dispense with the slower paced "Gone away" and "Million lights above" which remind me a bit of Halestorm or even Paramore. C'mon these crepuscular mourning ballads are vestigial and quite annoying. Overall, if you enjoy this type of music, then at least you should check out theses windy city wildlings' videos currently on Youtube, then try to catch them live.




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