Hellhound (Jpn) - Metal fire from hell 4/5

Reviewed: 4-10-09


1. Metal fire from hell
2. Headcrusher
3. Heavy metal highway
4. Heavy metal education
5. Metal psycho
6. Change the world
7. Too wild to tame
8. Warriors of rising sun

Japan has always been the true home of the heavy metal generation. They have consistently been keeping it true, for 4 decades. Lately, an abundance of stellar bands have been emanating from the sacred islands. One such head-crushing act - raging thunder from the east, worthy of your attention is - Hellhound. These speed metal maniacs will seize your senses like a hurricane, with their captivating, caustic rock from hell. If you are a true metal warrior, prepare to be purified and absolved by their 2nd CD 'Metal fire from hell'!

Their 2006 debut 'Tokyo flying v massacre' was a punishing metal attack and nuclear assault on my mind; a searing, sonic 80s death ride through heaven and hell. The classic style songs reminded me of slices from Metal Blade, reviving the memories of Heretic, Omen, Cirith Ungol or Lizzy Borden. Elsewhere, I am reverted to the glories of Combat, when acts like Abattoir, Agent Steel, Forbidden or early Helstar created their remnants of war torn ecstasy.

After playing this simply short, but thoroughly celebrated CD, ad infinitum, I can see why these metal psychos live for metal. Each piece of roaring iron, or each track of railing thunder from the beast, is a pure pleasure of fresh born ambition. I would also assert that that fans of Exciter, Raven, Metal Inquisitor, and of course, Japan's necrolegions: Satanica and Metalucifer, will truly relish this succulent feast. 'Metal fire from hell' is currently available through Inferno Records for the European market, and Metal Planet for the U.S. market.

This 4-piece of fortitude mesh well together, because, each musician is personified through his own unique talent. These 4 engraved skull diggers are out to change the world, and they are too wild to tame. With every repeated listen, I am lured into the harmonious lair of Lucifer's Heritage (guitar) and The Dragonblaster (drums). Sure, these clever non d' espirit are used for effect, but they also suggest even more influential esteem, i.e. Blind Guardian, and their German ilk.

Unlike certain guitar heroes, who abuse their privilege to power with supercilious soloing, Hellhound annihilate the competition, with pernicious riffs, notable arrangements, and a steadfast white heat of boiling metabolic urgency.

The metal assassin singer - Crossfire - distends his vocal chords with a shrill piercing range, which is still quite discernible. Picture Raven's John Gallagher or Exciter's Dan Beehler, blended with Cirith Ungol's Tim Baker, and a healthy hash of El Rojo's charm from Metal Inquisitor. He is a real squealer, with some control, as he adumbrates the heavy metal message of his ancestors.

Like their familiars in Metalucifer, almost every song glorifies metal's compendia with an effulgence of tantalizing melodies. Hellhound would rather you not stay hungry, so they provide all new devotee's with a true metal education. These seasoned devil soldiers of steel want to slake your thirst for tried and true metal, and not the sh*t that passes for metal, in this tainted age.

The CD initiates with the title track, a blistering barrage which catapults a steel rod right into your metal heart. "Headcrusher", as well as "Too wild to tame", soar on the wings of Raven, especially the 'Wiped out'/'All for one' era. "Heavy metal education" borrows heavily from Motley Crue with a "Looks that kill" vibe permeating. The thrashing riffs of early Exodus and a trace of Kreator also imbue with toxic cause.

"Change the world" and the last cut "Warriors of rising sun" change it up a bit, with more melody and epic arrangements. The classic metal of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Accept, W.A.S.P., Twisted Sister, Anvil, Manowar, Riot, and even Loudness, can clearly be interpreted as being written on the hearts of these road mutants, and wild warriors of steel vengeance.

I bid you welcome to metal's own - true as steel - Samurai warriors' sadistic symphony. This is the real deal; no poseur ballads, no keyboard dumb antics, and definitely a healthy overdose of heavy metal!




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