Forgin' Fate - Antares 3.5/5

Reviewed: 5-30-08


1. The wise way
2. Morphed
3. Imminent explosion
4. Liberation
5. The time that goes by
6. Tales from the middle age
7. Endless life
8. Tribute to Athena
9. Double conscience

Forgin' Fate is a new band from France and for their full-length debut 'Antares', they were able to sign with Brennus Music, who's responsible for Seyminhol, Deafening Silence, Falkirk and others. The band's style is melodic heavy/power metal with some progressive and symphonic elements, and a lot of the time they remind me of Italian bands like Labyrinth and Vision Divine - not any particular CDs from these bands, just the bands in general. There are also times when Forgin' Fate reminds me of early Kamelot and Before Eden though, so if you can envision a blend of these 4 bands, you'll get a great idea of what to expect.

While 'Antares' does have some speed, the majority of the songs are mid-paced with a fair amount of keys, quite similar to Before Eden's 'The legacy of Gaia'. Overall, this debut is very melodic and the band does a great job of incorporating the keys into the rhythm. There are some excellent guitar solos too, but this isn't an ultra-exciting CD - it's more along the lines of a pleasant listen. As for the vocals, Fabien Barriol's voice is clear and solid, though there are times when he's probably not as expressive as he should be, and his range is certainly limited.

All of the songs on 'Antares' are quite long (at least 5 minutes) and the opener, "The wise way", is close to 10 minutes long. So even though there are only 9 songs, the CD's running-time is actually over an hour. My favorite songs are the fairly fast track 3 "Imminent explosion" (which has some strong musical segments), the wonderful track 4 "Liberation" (which has a great chorus and some sweet keyboard solos) and the following/slow ballad "The time that goes by" is truly wonderful. There aren't any songs that fall to a weak level, but this is one of those CDs that's very strong yet doesn't blow me away.

Still, this is a very promising start for Forgin' Fate. All of the ingredients are in place and having already established themselves with Brennus Music, they've definitely got a bright future ahead of them. So if you're into the bands mentioned in this review and the style description is intriguing, surely check them out, as this could easily be a worthwhile purchase.




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