Fire of Revenge - Burning madness 3.5/5

Reviewed: 3-27-09


1. Burning madness
2. Shadows of darkside
3. Mirror of sins
4. Egypt gates
5. My silent pray
6. The last breath
7. Like a hammer
8. Finding my fate
9. Fire of Revenge
10. Inside your dreams

We've got a great new power metal band here folks! Surprisingly from Spain, Fire of Revenge unleash their full-length debut 'Burning madness', a CD that oozes power metal in its purest form.

Unaffected by the fact that there been many CDs released like this the last 10 years or so, Fire of Revenge provide a CD with lots of speed, your typical power metal riffs, and clear vocals. For comparisons, they fit somewhere in the middle of Celesty, Heavenly, Sweden's Insania, Axenstar, Guardians of Time, Finland's Citadel, Icewind, and maybe even Dragonforce.

There are a few things that have stood out with this CD. Firstly, there are no keys, which is a bit rare in the world of power metal these days. Also, there are no ballads and every song contains speed, so we truly get an onslaught of power metal. Finally, and most importantly, the lead guitar work is absolutely superb, and I'm really reminded of Icewind's debut 'All is dust'. Since there are 2 guitarists (and no keyboardist), it's obvious that guitar work is the band's focus, but the fact that it's performed in such a brilliant manner is really impressive.

Unfortunately, the band's vocalist (Johny - with no last name given) is simply okay. He has a clear voice and I can easily understand what he's saying (despite his accent), but he doesn't seem to have a tremendous amount of range and by the end of the CD I kinda get tired of his somewhat monotonous vocals. Still, he's far from bad, it's just that we've all heard many exceptional vocalists and Johny has yet to reach that point. In addition, the choruses could certainly be better, as only a few songs contain choruses that are truly memorable.

In the end, I'd definitely call 'Burning madness' a great start from a power metal band that's musically excellent, but vocally just average. Major lovers of keyless power metal with a lot of speed (and especially those that love a lot of lead guitar work) will be satisfied with this CD, but the extremely picky power metal fans will most likely be looking for something even more.




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