Eternal Legacy - Seeking no peace 3.5/5

Reviewed: 11-1-12


1. Intro
2. Cauterize
3. Dielectric
4. Eyes without a soul
5. Greed
6. Seeking no peace
7. First murder
8. Lie
9. While you bleed

The Metal Anvil Vanek Brothers of Cleveland are back, and they are seeking no piece of mind! On this their 3rd dialectic for Auburn Records, Eternal Legacy continue with that pure power binding ambition; a visionary's sincere formula which proved on 'Lifeless alive', that they were not just mere imitators, but truly innovators.

With each new CD, I have noticed that their logo is altered. The caustic cover artwork of 'Seeking no peace' vividly gives rise to the style of music one will experience on this CD. Their relentless license to thrill will cause your mind to bleed. Their wicked, glorious, and time out of mind melodies will leave your head spinning.

The sole quality of music Eternal Legacy creates will make you pray for more, I so guarantee. Just listening to this CD for the past few months proves to me that the Brothers Vanek are no fools when it comes to writing, mixing, and producing. Fiercely fueled by wrath and reckless abandon, they still perform with the burning passion for which they are known; especially when witnessing them play live.

Apparently Shawn has left all his other Cleveland based bands like Cellbound, Wretch, H.A.T.E., etc., and has now channeled his focus into writing some mean riffs; maintaining his non-apologetic creed.

Like a lost orison for the late Cliff Burton, Tim Frederick channels things that should not become too obvious on the intro for the title track; while the thunderous god-like drumming dynamics of longtime member Steve Dukuslow avenge or crush.

Older Brother Jason is still singing with his Hetfield hesitations, while welcoming that 70s progressive rock vibe into his subtle attenuation. Over the last few years, I have seen them perform live, and I always get a kick when they attempt some well-known classic rock cover.

If You have not heard from Eternal Legacy in awhile, you will be pleased to realize that the keyboards are almost non-existent, and the songs are much more wildly aggressive, and guaranteed to make your head bang. The solos are more polished, experimental, and never what one would usually expect. If you are new to this band, think Gothic Knights, Zandelle, early Iced Earth, and of course the first 3 Metallica's.

"Cauterize" gets the heart pumping and the fists pounding, just as you prepare to ride the lightning fast pace of "Dielectic". I am always amused how Eternal Legacy creates new words which work well (recall: "Purblind").

It is important to mention that they are more than mere powerthrashers. Sure "While you bleed" is a sonic firestorm; however, a more serious song like "Lie" starts out slow, speeds up, then reaches an almost harmonic homeostasis. Many of the compositions are written with such isolated excellence that it will take several listens to truly experience what is waiting to be unlocked in the very depths of your soul.

"Eyes without a soul" is much more melancholy and maudlin, showcasing Jason's exceptional range, while never really striving for that falsetto. Then the gratuitous "Greed" grabs you by the throat with its penetrating pulse and brutal honesty. Incidentally "Lie" reminds me of the intensity of "Misery's end", and the masterful "Visionary sin".

I am so grateful that Jason sent me this advanced CD, and the lyrics. I understand that these are the final masters, and the CD may not arrive until early next year, but I am honoured to spread the good word like a cyberplague. It also pleases me to be the first one to murder the rumour that Eternal Legacy have disbanded.

Over the years, there may have been an exodus of older members, but even the brain dead matter, and if you feel lost but not alone, seek your peace, and know that if you thought that Eternal Legacy had grown lifeless, I am here to assert that they are very much alive, and ready to prey on your very soul!




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