Elvenstorm - Of rage and war 4.5/5

Reviewed: 12-1-11


1. Winds of war
2. Rebirth
3. Witchhammer
4. Struggle within
5. Black visions
6. Kill the deceiver
7. Raven in a blackened sky
8. Stand thy fall
9. Legions of steel

As the never torpid winds of warning rage, and roil, so does my head spin after hearing this CD - a true rebirth in the fast and furious femme fatale fashion. I almost gave myself a black eye from all this feverish headbanging, after playing this CD repeatedly.

I eagerly awaited the new Riot release 'Immortal soul', and now I am convinced that 'Immortal soul' is the metal CD of the year. However, I did not expect to experience Elvenstorm - a French female fronted powerhouse of war and glory. Like a witchhammer crushing the skulls of the infidels, something Wicca this way comes; as these legions of steel attack your senses with blasting speed and fulminating fury.

These power storm warriors delve into all aspects of tried and true metal with a fervent alacrity, and heartfelt passion. Some say that there is nothing new under the sun, and this statement has its merit, but the most any artist can hope for then, is to do what has been done before, either better, or differently, and Elvenstorm accomplish both on their debut for Inferno Records.

Fans of classic Blind Guardian, Hammerfall, Custard, Nostradameus, as well as newer acts like Crystal Viper, Wisdom, Dawn of Destiny, Battle Beast and their ilk, will surely savour that banner of beatitudes for which these souls of fealty stand.

I realize that their appellative resembles other quality acts like Elvenpath, Evenstorm, and Elvenking, and coincidentally, at times their music does to a certain degree, as well. However Lady Laura Ferreux's ferocious and precocious vocals are salted with a charged affectation a la 80s sisters of merciful fate like Doro, Dawn Crosby, Sabine Classen, Nicole Lee, Debbie Gunn, and even Ann Boleyn. Her international articulations are quite clear and easily able to hum, as the pulsating rhythms pound through your flagrant flesh.

Unlike Napalm Records who favour more Gothic acts, Inferno Records know how to select their leading ladies. Just check out Tyranex to see what I mean. They also just released - as a cassette single - the new demo by Ex-White Skull vocalist Elisa "Over" De Palma and her new band Spidkilz, which is killer old-school skullcrushing thrash! The upcoming effort by the revamped Rampart is quite promising as well.

Elvenstorm are the real deal, and readers of this site will agree, as there are no ballads and bullshit, and every track from the raging opener "Winds of war", to the punchy closer of the thematic "Legions of steel" are keyboard free, and rife with suggestive solos from visionary Michael Hellström. Just check out "Witchhammer", and you too will be convinced that Elvenstorm are a band for which good things are to come.

I am so grateful that Fab and his label mates sent me digital versions of all their new releases, as I burned a CD-R which incorporated the entire new Elvenstorm CD, the Spidkilz demo, and the new Rampart songs. With this damsels of distress compilation, along with the ever present Destructionesque Tyranex, poised to eruct into my ear canal, I struggle with my self daily to remove them from my CD player.




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