Edguy - Rocket ride 4/5

Reviewed: 3-3-06


1. Sacrifice
2. Rocket ride
3. Wasted time
4. Matrix
5. Return to the tribe
6. The asylum
7. Save me
8. Catch of the century
9. Out of vogue
10. Superheroes
11. Trinidad
12. Fucking with fire (The hairforce one)

After much anticipation, I finally purchased the new Edguy CD with sincere enthusiasm. Originally, I had a promo version, which did not initially impress me as I was constantly beleaguered by Toby's overarching comment, "You are listening to the new Edguy album... Vrocket Vride" which tended to detract from my enjoyment of the music, altogether. I so loved the 'Superheroes' EP that I had high expectations for their new release. Now in retrospect, I am so grateful that I purchased this CD. Thankfully, I was able to get the limited edition digipak which provides the devoted listener with the band's informative history and witty, yet provocative personal demographics.

It may take several listens for this CD to really sink in, as it is so layered and textured with suggestive mettle nuances. Every time I listen to this CD I notice something different and unique. The first track "Sacrifice", which fans voted as the number one song on the band's website, is very reminiscient of past efforts similar to their successful 'Mandrake' style. The next track "Rocket ride" picks up the pace more and begins to thrust the listener heavenward. The opening lines, "I sought salvation but I found insanity, lost in a mess I return to profanity" truly epitomize Edguy's attitude and altitude in a melodic and concise manner. This song has a very catchy chorus, replete with thought provoking lyrics. The next track "Wasted time" is classic Edguy with infectious melodies which after several listens allows one to begin to hear the chorus resonating in his head from the power driven guitar harmonies. This tends to remind me of Toby's 'Avantasia' style.

Next up is "Matrix" which has nothing to do with the movie trilogy, but is more concentrated on a recurring theme throughout the CD of relationships gone awry. The cacaphonous keyboards and non-metal guitar riffs clearly make this song a unique Edguy offering. Surprisingly, this is my wife's favorite song. Thankfully, the next track "Return to the tribe" returns us to the pure Edguy style with serious guitar shredding which echoes like a tribal chant and a chorus which reinforces the fellowship of the true mettle bretheren. "The asylum" has a hard rock, Skid Rowish intro which developes into an anthemic and poetic chorus with infectious rhythyms. Although, I do feel that the tautaulogical reference to fire in the chorus suggests to me that Toby's been watching too much 'Beavis and Butthead'. "Save me" is another simple ballad sung in the round which reminds one of "Land of the miracle". The special edition comes with a live version of "The land of the miracle" performed in San Paulo dedicated to all wimps & poseurs and women! The next track "Catch of the century" continues the broken heart syndrome with ribald humor and affectation throughout, ending with an utterly hilarious diatribe and suggestive rant; whereby, Toby expresses his heartfelt frustration for being dumped with poise and personification (or should I say Poison personification), assuming that he is, in fact, the catch of the century (although my wife seems to think so, next to me)..."Helipcoter!".

"Out of vogue" is the only song which Toby did not write both the music and lyrics for on this CD. Jens contibution musically is quite enjoyable, but Toby's lyrics are rather trite. Next up is "Superheroes" the same song from the EP and single, which is just altogether a fun and really enjoyable celebration of style. I highly recommend for everyone to see the video and/or DVD for "Superheroes", even if you don't like this band; because once you do every time you hear this song the ridiculous yet innovative concept will play repeatedly in your mind. Next up is "Trinidad" where once again the heartbreak hotel scenario reoccurs. "Trinidad" (or should I say 'Tree-nee-dad' as Toby bellows), is a rather humorous song enhanced by its Calypso and Caribeanesque overtones. When he refers to his new found love while flying and fleeing from this female aberration, I often wonder if thatís the "Lavatory love machine" parallel. Once again, listen to this song carefully to hear Toby's subtle but silly comments, where he refers to himself as a famous porn star. Finally, the life and times of a bonus track brings us to "Fucking with fire" (The hairforce one), a song which musically evokes the classic 80s but lyrically loses the listener in context. Since he refers to his favorite pasttime as extreme time wasting, I tend to think that he has been watching "Orgazmo" searching for his lost cock rocket.

Overall, this CD is quite enjoyable, and the CD which Edguy needed to create, in order to advance their position in the world metal hierarchy. So don't let your reservations keep you from purchasing one of the most original and edgy portraits of fate ever released by this epicene entourage.




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