Dreamtale - Epsilon 4.5/5

Reviewed: 8-1-11


1. Firestorm
2. Angle of light
3. Each time I die
4. Where eternal jesters reign
5. Fly away
6. Reasons revealed
7. Strangers' ode
8. Mortal games
9. Lady of a thousand lakes
10. March to glory

Dreamtale's 5th CD 'Epsilon' is what I can easily call a pleasant surprise. This Finnish band released their debut 'Beyond reality' way back in 2002, and while that CD and the few CDs that followed are in the popular power metal style of Stratovarius and Sonata Arctica (at the time), Dreamtale's previous CD 'Phoenix', while still maintaining some of the power metal elements, also contained some diversity (even leaning hard rock in some spots) and the CD definitely had the feel of a band wanting to change things up. For me personally, it was exciting to hear (with the very first listen of 'Epsilon') that the band is back to their earliest style.

Vocalist Erkki Seppänen returns, but this is only his 2nd CD with the band, so he was part of the previous/experimental CD 'Phoenix'. He's definitely your typical power metal vocalist and while I wouldn't put him near the top of the list of my all-time favorite vocalists, his clear and easily understood voice is quite good, and he's definitely a worthy power metal vocalist. The most pleasing aspect of this CD is the high amount of speed though, and I'm constantly reminded of the days when I was always spinning CDs from Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica, Twilightning, Thunderstone, Celesty, Axenstar, and so on. Basically the early-2000s, and since some of these bands have changed their style (Twilightning actually calling it quits), it's even more pleasing to know that Dreamtale is back.

This CD truly offers up everything you'd want from the power metal style and period previously mentioned. There are catchy rhythms, plenty of keys, excellent melodies, confident vocals, and of course lots of speed and excitement. I totally dig every song on this CD (even the slower track 6 "Reasons revealed"), but I must label track 5 "Fly away" my favorite, as I love the chorus and both the guitar and keyboard solos near the end are magnificent. There isn't even one average song and the CD as a whole is a real treat for me. Plus, since there are less CDs of this kind than there were 10 years ago, it's even more special. Hopefully this CD will encourage other power metal bands to give us CDs of this style and quality, because it's the reason many of us fell in love with power metal to begin with.




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