Dream Master - Fourth key 3.5/5

Reviewed: 7-1-13


1. Make a new tomorrow
2. Leather army
3. Insecurity
4. The countdown starts
5. Memories marked in my mind
6. I see your face
7. 2012
8. Lying mask
9. Insane... am I?
10. Save us
11. Orlando
12. All I say

Dream Master is a band from Argentina that's been around for just over a decade, and 'Fourth key' is their 4th CD. For those who are unfamiliar with the band, their style is heavy/power metal and they're comparable to bands like Desert Sin, Clairvoyants, Attick Demons, Jacobs Dream, Chronology, Machine Men, Crawler, Bruce Dickinson's solo stuff, and of course Iron Maiden.

The band's vocalist is Ezequiel Wiurnos and since he was one of the band's creators, he's been the vocalist since the beginning. He's easily comparable to Bruce Dickinson, and if you're a fan of Bruce's vocals or the vocalists from the mentioned bands, you'll be pleased with Ezequiel too.

All of the songs on the CD are similar - mid-paced with catchy guitar work and consistent vocals. There's very little speed, and with 12 total songs, I would prefer some faster songs, but I think that if you like one of the songs, you'll probably like them all because they're so similar. As for the CD's overall quality, I'd call it very good to great, and in line with what's heard from the band's first 3 CDs. One thing that really stands out is the high amount of guitar solos, which are all well done and breathe some life into the songs.

Because the band has maintained the same sound since their debut, I suspect that if you like their other CDs, you'll like this as well. For me personally, I'm not sure which is my favorite CD so far, but I do think 'Fourth key' is a little better than the previous 'Spread your wings'. So fans of the band should pick this up, while those who have yet to experience the band should check them out, and this CD is a great way to start.




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