Dragonsfire - Visions of fire 4/5

Reviewed: 5-8-09


1. Devil's road
2. Wings of death
3. Dragonsfire rockxxx
4. Burning for metal
5. Rebellion - The kingdom of heaven
6. The defendant
7. Shine on
8. The other one
9. Oath of allegiance

Germany has always been faithful to true metal, and Dragonsfire are no exception. These 4 wayward warriors are truly alive, wired, and burning for metal. Come join their crusade, because they deliver that classic sound, we all celebrate and prefer.

It is no wonder they are signed with Pure Steel Records - the home to Sencirow, In Solitude, Titan Steele, and soon new CDs by Razor Fist and Zandelle. Fans of Manowar, Hammerfall, Wizard, Rebellion, Venom, Twisted Sister, and even Hysterica, will be banging their head to this - 'Vision of fire', guaranteed. When I hear the music, I'm reminded of Nordheim from Brazil, without the gruff vocal allusions. Fans of Hellish War and Steel Warrior will also enjoy this. The terror riff antics, and thrash tendencies will appease fans of Abattoir, Ruthless, Armored Saint and Exumer.

Bassist and vocalist Torsten Thassilo Herbert has that heavy, thick accent textured tone. He is easily understandable, but he clearly resonates with a Teutonic steel range. He resounds the baneful guise of Thorsten "Buddy" Kohlrausch of Dark at Dawn, the piercing presence of Attila Dorn of Powerwolf, or the artful war cry of Joakim Broden of Sabaton.

The CD gets underway with "Devil's road" allowing for the fact that listening to Dragonsfire will take you down the highway to hell. The Motorhead banging aggression of "Dragonsfire rockxxx" is freakin' awesome! The band's entertaining video, which can currently be viewed on their Myspace page (and at You Tube) is totally sweet! I am thrilled to gander and gaze upon all the hot chicks singing the words, while Torsten's burning blowtorch and pounding jackhammer juxtaposition just makes it pure metal, forged in fire. "Burning for metal" is the epitome of pure steel, a sonic aged attack on the senses and mettle mind. After all, "You can't stop rock 'n roll"!

The anti-authority, anti-institution imputation of "Rebellion - The kingdom of heaven" will get your dander up, but create no cause for conflict. The never surrender triumphant quality of "Defendant" is faithful to the noble cause of the metal fan. "Shine on" is acceptable, but not too meritorious. "The other one" is a galling power ballad, save its Iron Maiden epic qualities. "Oath of allegiance" is a most befitting anthem which brings the CD to a powerful close. The acoustic denouement in the last minute of repose is so emotionally suggestive and passionate.

The guitar tandem shredding of Timo Rauscher and Matthias Bludau heeds and hears the call, "Let there be metal for all!" The CD may not instantly blow you away, but it will have you singing along with a metallic cadence. So come join the metal clan, the allied forces who rally your allegiance to the vibrant spirit of the 80s. You are sure to keep your belief that metal will never die!

I recommend this for the old-school Keep it True enthusiasts. As the band so aptly assets, Dragonsfire rocks everyday, just push play! These dudes definitely all play on 10!




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