Dragonsfire - Metal service 4/5

Reviewed: 9-1-10


1. Welcome
2. My mashed insane brain
3. Raging fire
4. Call of the heart
5. The Devil
6. Blood for blood
7. King without a crown
8. Time of twilight
9. Visions of fire
10. Ghosts
11. To hell and back
12. Lost melody

In a provocative reflection, paying service to the 80s Noise Metal years, following the commandments of Tankard, Deathrow, Rage, Scanner, and other 'Doomsday news' worthy servants to the cause, Germany's Dragonsfire retaliate with a raging vision of fire, blood and fury, on this, their sophomore endeavour.

After playing this CD countless times, my mashed inside, brain damaged mind is convinced that this Pure Steel Records act are one of the absolute best on their roster. With each appealing morsel, of meat and potatoes pabulum, the metal slaughter ensues, and execution is guaranteed. Fans of Sabaton, Powerwolf, Emerald, Wolfs Moon and all defenders of the true faith, should wake up, for it is twilight time for these metal godz.

If the debut evoked all that was great about classic metal mayhem, then this follow-up is sure to heed the hammer "Call of the heart". I accept that this Teutonic quartet are still burning for mettle in their hearts, ready to spill blood on the nations. I also acknowledge that their message is tried and true, with lyrics that really speak volumes.

True blood for blood bite, every song is of worth, and value, and some are utterly awesome. Some, like "The Devil", are slightly above average, but still better than what countless wannabe acts are calling metal! They even have a ragin' song named after their debut - "Visions of fire".

True standout cuts, which will have you singing along and truly banging your head, include, the passionate "Call of the heart", the philosophical "King without a crown", the purloined, but pervasive "Time of twilight", and the majestic "Lost melody", a true reverie of mind, heart and spirit.

If there is any doubt, Dragonsfire still rockxxx, and now they truly perform a metal service to us all, sending us to hell and back!




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