Defect - Into the void (EP) 3/5

Reviewed: 1-26-07


1. Failsafe
2. Poison chemistry
3. Scarred
4. Dark solution

A band from Cork, Ireland formed only 2 or so years ago, Defect, blend a few divergent styles on their 2nd EP, 'Into the void'. After a brief intro, the first riff of the opening track "Failsafe" starts things off on a slightly misleading note. The first thing that crossed my mind was that this would be the lighter side of thrash, and while there is a definite influence from early Metallica scattered across the EP, as soon as the melodic lead part starts it's obvious that we're in for a different prospect altogether.

Essentially what we have is 16 minutes of catchy, traditional metal, but the lead playing is actually very much in the melodic punk vein, and while 'Into the void' is undeniably a set of metal songs, this is a vibe that is prevalent throughout. The vocals of Keith Jones contribute to the punk feeling as well, which is as much down to his delivery as the actual sound of his voice. The vocal melodies are reminiscent of any number of speedier punk bands, with Bad Religion probably being the best example this uneducated metalhead can provide, and there are a fair few 'woah-oah' moments along the way.

The lead playing varies between the more simplistic style already mentioned and into harmonizing (and some pretty impressive solos) you would expect from a band of their style. Defect are a very able set of musicians and they play tight and concise songs never sliding into directionless meandering that is the telltale sign of an inexperienced outfit, and while what they are doing isn't anything terribly innovative or dynamic, they are doing it well, and 'Into the void' is an enjoyable CD that displays plenty of promise.

Perhaps the only real criticism that could be leveled at Defect is that they are slightly too melodic there are a few moments of soft singing over finger picking that feel a little out of place, and it often feels that if the band would just inject a little more aggression into the music and vocals the songs would benefit greatly. They don't need to throw in blastbeats and black metal vocals or anything, but maybe just a hint more of the Metallica influence would be an improvement.

While there is nothing seriously wrong with any of the songs on 'Into the void', Defect just don't seem to have found a way over that line that separates 'good' from 'great' but for a band barely off their feet, they display potential and with a couple more years of gigging and refining their sound into something with a little more identity, there's no reason why they can't manage it eventually.




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