Deafening Silence - Edge of life 3.5/5

Reviewed: 4-1-05


1. Deafening silence
2. The black swansong
3. Heavenly dream
4. Edge of life
5. Northern star
6. Eden
7. Save my soul
8. Terror and despair
9. Strong we are
10. Reborn in the night

This is one of those CDs that comes around and reminds me how much I love power metal. These guys aren't showing us anything new, melodic power metal in line with early Helloween and definitely Hammerfall. So the CD is very predictable, unoriginal, but that's not a bad thing if they're able to provide catchy and enjoyable songs. I think they've succeeded at making this an enjoyable listen, as there are moments when I'm really into the CD and can't help but sing along.

It's impossible to hear the music from track 1 "Deafening silence" and not think of Hammerfall instantly. Then when the vocals are heard, it's impossible not to think of the earlier Helloween days. A good song nonetheless, and the great chorus that highlights track 3 "Heavenly dream" definitely grabs my attention. I also like the memorable track 5 "Northern star" and track 6 "Eden" that could easily be placed on any of the earlier Helloween CDs and nobody would know the song's from a different band. There may be one or 2 average songs however, track 8 "Terror and despair" being the best example of this. But the CD has a well played ending, as "Reborn in the night" is very catchy and probably the best song on the CD!

So it's simple, if you've learned you don't enjoy power metal clones anymore, venture off somewhere else. But if you still yearn for the Helloween and Hammerfall sound, enjoy good melodies and sweet guitar solos, you should find this to be a satisfying CD. There aren't any ballads, not sure if that's a good or bad thing, but certainly worth mentioning. I should also mention that the CD cover is way off, we should be seeing a dragon or a knight with a sword (or more appropriately, a pumpkin with a face). A CD that I really enjoy, but not sure if it's for everybody.




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