Dark Whisper - From now on 3/5

Reviewed: 9-1-12


1. March for glory
2. Never the same again
3. Hades
4. Treasures of the waters
5. The visionary one
6. Oath of victory
7. Disappointment
8. Opened doors

Dark Whisper is a new band from Argentina, and 'From now on' is their full-length debut. As you probably guessed from the cover artwork, the band is female fronted, but there are actually 2 vocalists - Daiana Zagaglia and Patricia Pascual. Their voices are quite different from each other though, as one of them has a fairly regular voice, while the other is of the soprano (operatic) type. They sing in harmony a lot, but there are also times when just one of the vocalists is singing. Their performance reminds me of Kapel Maister's one and only CD 'Into salvation' (that band is no longer together), but both vocalists on that CD are of the operatic variety.

Musically, the band can easily be put into the symphonic power metal category, which is probably my favorite style of power metal still. There are neo-classical segments, some slight gothic metal influences, and the keys are upfont in the mix a lot. For overall comparisons, think of the group that contains Visions of Atlantis, Nightwish, Amberian Dawn, Operatika, Rosa Ignea, Arya, Wildpath, Overdream, Adrana, Opus Doria, Dotma, Niobeth, Emerald Mind, and the aforementioned Kapel Maister.

The CD starts off with "March for glory", which is mostly instrumental and it immediately makes you aware that symphonic power metal is coming. Track 2 "Never the same again" is a catchy start for the vocalists, and while the following track 3 "Hades" is also good, track 4 "Treasures of the waters" is a nice ballad that's in the perfect spot on the CD. Track 5 "The visionary one" is another solid symphonic power metal song, while track 6 "Oath of victory" is where the gothic metal influence is most present. The slow-paced track 7 "Disappointment" is good, as is the upbeat closer "Opened doors", but I must admit that none of the songs are truly excellent in my mind.

For a debut, this is a promising start and the songs are solid, but it's lacking originality, and when songs are extremely similar to songs from other bands (like the many mentioned), they must stand out in an extra-impressive manner, and the songs on this CD don't quite reach that point. So it's hard for me to completely recommend this CD to fans of female fronted symphonic power metal, but the band has plenty of talent and I think that with a dose of creativity and some improved songwriting, they could unveil an excellent 2nd CD.




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