Cyntia - Endless world 4/5

Reviewed: 2-1-13


1. Moonlight roulette
2. Funeral chord color
3. The endless world
4. Run to the future
5. Through the fire and the desire
6. Dawn
7. Beyond the world
8. Meteor calling
9. Shaman dance
10. Voice
11. Sun of hallucination
12. Bittersweet nightshade

There has been a flood of Japanese power metal bands lately, and many of them are female fronted. There are so many in fact, that the style has almost become a new dimension of power metal. Cyntia is one of these new and exciting female fronted Japanese power metal bands, but they not only have a female vocalist, the entire band is female, as you've probably already noticed by the CD's cover. The band was formed in 2011, and already they're unleashing this debut 'Endless world', which has impressed me in many ways.

Along with many other Japanese power metal bands, Cyntia has chosen Japanese lyrics, with exception of some of the choruses. Lead vocalist Saki has your typical high-pitched voice, and I actually love her vocals. She sings with confidence and emotion, and she totally has me hooked. The band's guitarist, Yui, has also really surprised me, as she provides many catchy rhythms and some nice guitar solos that pop up at just the right moment. The band is rounded out by drummer Kanoko, and Ayano handles the piano and keyboard. I also want to add that all members sing in most of the choruses, and this seems to add some excitement and emphasis on the choruses, which works.

All wrapped up, the band instantly reminds me of another new all-female Japanese power metal band, and that is Aldious, who have already released 2 great CDs - 'Deep exceed' and 'Determination'. I think Aldious is slightly more aggressive/faster than Cyntia, as Cyntia actually has some songs that would be better described as pure melodic metal. Track 3 "The endless world" and track 7 "Beyond the world" are the best examples. "The endless world" is surely my favorite song on the CD, as it's really memorable. All of the songs are excellent though, and this is a talented bunch of girls, who have the necessary songwriting skills as well.

There's no doubt that this CD, along with many other female fronted Japanese power metal CDs, won't be for everyone. The unique language and high-pitched vocals, performed in an unusual manner, will leave many metal fans quickly reaching for the next intense German power metal CD. For me however, I simply can't get enough and the last several months of spinning CDs like this one have been really enjoyable. There's something exciting and fresh about bands like Cyntia, and I'm definitely going to ride the wave of this new dimension of power metal.




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