Coronatus - Lux noctis 3/5

Reviewed: 12-7-07


1. Interrotte speranze
2. The scream of the butterfly
3. Silberlicht
4. Dunkle blume
5. My rose desire
6. Winter
7. Hot & cold
8. Requiem tabernam
9. Ich atme zeit
10. In rememberance
11. Volles leben

The popular female fronted metal style has given birth to another new band, Coronatus (from Germany), and their full-length debut 'Lux noctis'. Just like a lot of female fronted band's these days, they blend symphonic metal, gothic metal and power metal. I can't come up with a direct band comparison, but they're somewhere in the middle of Visions of Atlantis, Epica, Imperia, Elis, Atargatis, Venin Noir, Nightwish and After Forever.

Coronatus is a bit different than most female fronted bands though, as they feature 2 female vocalists, Carmen Schafer and Viola Schuch. But unlike other bands with 2 vocalists, namely Kapel Maister and the defunct Rain Fell Within, they don't harmonize their vocals near as much, and simply alternate their singing most of the time instead. It's easy to distinguish them, as one has a standard voice and the other is in the soprano range. It's a neat combination and they're good vocalists, but neither are spectacular and I doubt there are fans of the style that will consider them to be some of the best.

The band offers up a nice balance of tempo, as there are songs with speed, lots of mid-paced/crunchy songs, and a few slower moments as well. The quality is extremely consistent too, as all of the songs hover around a solid level. Personally, I like the speed on some of the early songs (specifically track 2 "The scream of the butterfly" and track 3 "Silberlicht") and track 7 "Hot & cold" is the best vocally, but nothing really comes close to blowing me away. I should mention that a few of the songs are sung in German, and I guess this adds a little something unique.

Very little originality exists in the music department, but I think major fans of female fronted metal won't care too much, as it's all about the songwriting at this point, and 'Lux noctis' is definitely an "above average" CD that will most likely be a worthwhile purchase for fans of the style. For those who aren't into the popular female fronted metal style, or if you're into the style but are extremely picky, there are certainly better CDs out there.




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