Core Device - Our fellowship eternal 4.5/5

Reviewed: 11-5-04


1. Shadows mind
2. Our fellowship eternal
3. Forgetting
4. Hell and torment
5. Stranger
6. Green water
7. One path
8. Unknown tears
9. God and man
10. Burning away
11. Torn from within

What is going on here? This underground band has come in and blown away the majority of the CDs I've gotten the last few months, I can't believe it! Even though this is on the heavier side of my tastes, it doesn't drift too far, and ends up being an outstanding debut! Tons of catchy riffs, great guitar solos, and memorable vocals. This had me thinking of Nevermore after just a few listens, maybe some Symphorce as well, and I even get an Iced Earth feel with the guitars in spots. But there's a slight touch of the BEST material from Sepultura too. I'm talking 'Arise' and 'Chaos A.D.'days! Something about this band has really grabbed my attention.

The vocals are involved, and they're amazingly done by one man. There are some clear (high a bit) vocals, some heavy (think Sepultura maybe) vocals, but the majority of the vocals are sung in a tone that may be a mix of Warrel Dane of Nevermore and the vocalist from the alternative band Godsmack. But don't let that vocal comparison throw you off, as Core Device is NOT an alternative band. These varied vocals are great, and provide a more original sound.

There are so many great songs on this, that I found myself wanting more. When I finished the 2nd spin, I just had to listen again. This may not sound like a big deal, but this hasn't happened in a while, as I've constantly got CDs on a rotation. I hate to single out any songs as highlights because the entire CD is just awesome! But I will mention the thundering track 6 "Green water" as probably my favorite. This song has it all... great riffs, chorus, guitar solo, and the vocals are very memorable. Track 2 "Our fellowship eternal" and track 3 "Forgetting" show exceptional songwriting skills, and it's hard not to mention the aggressive track 4 "Hell and torment", as it shows the power of the band. But I can't stop thinking of the Sepultura days with track 7 "One path", and the same with track 9 "God and man", both are very solid. The last few songs have such great riffs, that it's difficult to let the CD end. I don't think there's one "average" song on the CD, making for a high quality debut.

This easily competes with Symphorce and probably matches the best that Nevermore has to offer (which is quite a bit). There are so many great riffs reminiscent of Nevermore, but equally so, Iced Earth. Core Device is different than these bands mentioned though, probably because of the varied vocals for the most part, but there is clearly something unique with these guys, almost something "special". Those who are looking for something new and on the heavier side of the genre, should definitely look into this band. Let the race begin to sign these guys!




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