Avenger of Blood - Complete annihilation 3/5

Reviewed: 9-29-06


1. Intro
2. Complete annihilation
3. Scent of death
4. Bound by torment
5. Tyrants of the bloodlands
6. Where the pictures lie
7. Trapped in time
8. Violent epiphany
9. Everlasting plague
10. Forced to kill

Nevada deaththrash pioneers will have my head on a platter for stating that these avengers bleed for the glorious '80s sound, with endless painful similarities to Kreator. I hate to flag these fledglings; but Eric's vocals sound exactly like Mille. Shannon's steamhammer and anvil drumming resembles Ventnor's vehemence. Since death is their saviour, this is not neccessarily a bad thing; but it does limit their potential. There are definitely hints of other thrash influences to be detected as well. Darkness descends, and hell awaits the desparate cry of Sepultura, Slayer, and Dark angel, for example. Predominantly, musically and lyrically I hear Kreator circa 1986.

So have Avenger of blood become trapped in time and bound by Tormentor's reign? Hopefully not! They debuted 2 new songs last month at Minneapolis Mayhem, showing some promise; especially, since one dealt with crushing and pounding poseurs. These killer cuts and a few numbers on this laconic Kreation do dabble in teutonic steel lingerings from such formative acts as Darkness, early Sodom; and the epiphany of Violent Force. Overall this prolongs the pestilence and everlasting plaque of torment and agony. Essentially, for this listener it's a true pleasure that these tyrants of the bloodlands feel forced to spill and spew forth.

Poseurs are the people of the lie, so they must deicide. When gazing at the band photos with the pictures sly, one quickly realizes that this carnivorous quartet is clad in iron, with bullet belts, leather, spikes and chains. All true die-hard know that this is the uniform for these soldiers of misfortune and dismay. These fallen angels are the gamblers playing dated music amidst such controversy. I congratulate the avenger and bands like Merciless Death for having the mettle it takes to thrash 'til death; even if commercial success is not an option. At least Shawn and I were able to purchase the only 2 Deathrow shirts for sale at the show.




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