Armor Column - Maximum collateral damage 4/5

Reviewed: 9-1-11


1. Warmonger
2. With blood and vengeance
3. Armor Column
4. Where there's a war, there's a way
5. Dictator's whore
6. Rattenkrieg
7. We breath extinction
8. Maximum collateral damage

New York has always been a hotbed besot with a thrashing potentate of blood and vengeance. Where there's a raging war, there's a way of violence, and the dictator's horror always ensues. The plebian force known as Armor Column are no exception to the old-school rule. Defleshed and skinless, joining the ranks of the defiled, the unblessed, battle scarred, power thrashing death brigade clang and clatter with a full mettle racket, and unleash their terror on us all.

Having recently been signed to the Eternal Brutality of Men label, Armor column have a bright, blood splattered future ahead of them. EBM Records really knows how to choose thrash bands which stigmatize, stand out, and make their mark, and Armor Column are no exception. Check out their other caustic acts like Toxic Trace and Pollution from Serbia, Zombie Holocaust from the U.S., or Prayers of Sanity from Portugal, you will not be disappointed.

If you thrive on acts like Zoetrope, Powermad, I.N.C., Helstar, Vicious Rumors (especially their newer more vehement direction), Charred Walls of the Damned, and other East Coast inspirational warmongers like Whiplash, Blessed death, Carnivore, Toxik, Znowhite, etc. then I beseech you to get your arms or fists up, and assuage this highly regarded carnal diary of aggression. Face your untimely demise or begin to shred with these masters of 'Maximum collateral damage'!

Like many thrash efforts, this CD is laconic, but in this case quality prevails, and there are no fillers or weak moments of digression. The wrath rat war ensemble of "Rattenkrieg" may not spread the plague like the actual atrocity of the historical Eastern Front holocaust, but it is still heavy and like a gust of death breath it will choke the very life out of you. Fans of Hail of Bullets, or the soon to be deceased God Dethroned, may want to enlist in the carnage.

From the haunting Rambo introduction on "Warmonger" right up to the pummeling frontline assault of "Maximum collateral damage", you are destined for extinction. The sonic discharge of "Where there's a war, there's a way" will truly make a price on your head if you ignore the patterned, war burden rules of engagement. Clearly zoning in on the pulsating lead laden land blast of "Dictator's whore" ably verifies my point. The song "Armor Column" itself will pierce your tortured skull like a stray bullet.

I am amazed that guitarist Noah Carpenter is a member of the brutal death metal act Skinless, as he rages with serious thrash ability. Then again, if members of Exhumed can become Dekapitator, then anything is feasible, and welcomed in my hell.

Ready and willing ironclad vocalist Jeff Andrews has that shrill rage, that fans of Tim "Ripper" Owens, as well as those other aforementioned East Coast screamers are known to deliver. If you are not engrossed in the underground metal milieu of 80s-era Roadrunner, Combat, and New Renaissance artists, then picture early Anthrax, Overkill, Nuclear Assault, and Metal Church for comparison.

The final defligistergerizing of bone shattering illusion is laid bare that when a relatively unknown act can deliver such a thrash near-masterpiece on their debut. Here is hoping that bands who have fallen prey to modern advanced technology, and or stodgy metalcore based frangible shit type Lamb of God, Machinehead, Trivium tendencies (Yeah, I mean you Indestructible noise command!), will realize that there are plenty of us who want our thrash to mirror our past iniquities!




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