Adrenicide - War begs no mercy 3/5

Reviewed: 12-1-10


1. W.B.N.W.
2. Is the truth true?
3. Two minute warning
4. The last experiment
5. Planet of the dumb
6. Find a new addiction
7. Zombie nation
8. 100 years of radiation
9. No toilets on a battle field
10. Cold god
11. Tortured and broken
12. Answer my question
13. Mothers die... fathers kill
14. The hunter

Tortured and broken, tattered and torn U.K. thrashers, Adrenicide are back in the pit, and at it again determined to feed their total addiction to the crossover-dose of 80s-era thrash in the vein of their ancestors GBH, Gangreen, Dead Kennedys and The Misfits.

Like their comrades Gama Bomb, Adrenicide play a mix of thrash and punk; although now ex-vocalist Neil Armstrong does not have the range or vocal capacity of Philly Byrne who reminds me more of an acid blend of Blaze Bailey and Halford; rather, this man on the moon moans more like Kurt Brecht of D.R.I. or Lee Ving of Fear.

I am stoked, because once I submit this review, even if all the "Black Metal Friday" Internet traffic seems determined to prevent me from doing so, I will see Gama Bomb and Evile for the 2nd time soon with Forbidden.

Raging full on, Adrenicide also echo their native isle's thrash legacy paying homage to such great as Xentrix, Acid Reign, Slammer or English Dogs, as well as being akin to the new recruits of H.O.D., Short Sharp Shock, Savage Messiah and Evile. Fans of bands like Municipal Waste, and landmark acts like Exodus, Anthrax and Nuclear Assault will enjoy their impropaganda.

'War begs no mercy' begins with a full frontal assault of Sacred Reich type riffs, and Wehrmacht typologies. By the time you get to the eschatological tune of "Two minute warning", you are already forming a circle of thoughts, and swirling with the madness.

The lyrics are very poignant, yet still tongue in cheek, indicating that Adrenicide are more than a mere minor threat, and that these hungry for meat menacing masters of day glow contortion are ready to hunt and kill all poseurs.

Like Gangreen or Tankard, they seem to love imbibing and indulging in the ancient spirits, even to the point of chanting, "Beer sells but who's buying?" on the track "Drown in beer" from their 'Raging full on' CD. The giddy uphill battle does not stop here with the risible, yet sad but true reality of "No toilets on a battle field". Come to think of it, the song "Planet of the dumb" echoes the sentiment of Tankard's "Don't panic", minus the sweet solos.

The production is surprisingly good for this DIY act of integrity and longevity. There is a solid doled out allotments of rip 'n' tear riffs which never reach overkill. Some of the songs are longer than their earlier efforts. Although, it would be nice to have more solos, a policy bands like Hyades, Korzus or even Ritual Carnage truly recognize. So answer my question Nuno, "Why the paucity of lead guitar work?" You can bet in your court, that if their were more of these, the rating would increase!

Slaney Records offers some great packing with a full booklet for an average length CD. Thankfully, long-term guitarist Nuno Evaristo sent me some older songs so I could familiarize myself with their back catalogue.

Overall this music is nothing novel, but Adrenicide serves as an attitude adjustment for those who think they know their own mettle. Here raw power prevails over technicality and studio efficacy. Their sense of social awareness far outweighs their lack of sobriety, and again like Tankard, they know how to read between the lies. This band are the real deal and they will never kowtow or bow to the lust for cash or follow lame wayward trends. I salute their honesty and sincerity, and I promote their thrashard ethic.




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