Abordazh - The quiet life, not for us 4/5

Reviewed: 7-1-11


1. You are my god
2. Master and commander
3. Child of storm
4. Tocsin
5. The quiet life, not for us
6. Vampire night
7. I can believe
8. Crusade
9. Ticket into a strange world
10. Polar convoy
11. You are dying

It's been some time since I've reviewed a Russian-language CD (the title and tracklist are translated, as usual), and with Abordazh's 2nd CD 'The quiet life, not for us' being a bit of a surprise, now's the perfect time. Their debut 'Hell storm' from a few years ago is an above average CD, no doubt, but with there currently being so many Russian bands that totally impress me, 'Hell storm' was a little disappointing, especially because the band's vocalist (Andrey "Mashka" Mashoshin) was one of the vocalists on the spectacular CD 'The game of light and shadow' from Citadel, though he's no longer with that band.

While 'Hell storm' brought to mind heavy/power metal bands like Natisk, Aria, Teatr Teney, Kipelov, Staya, Obereg, Blind Rover, Epoha, Magistr, Olvy, Gran-Kurazh and Krilya, 'The quiet life, not for us' has more of a power metal feel (as opposed to heavy metal) and I'm reminded a lot of Epidemia, Retriem, Arktida, Troy, Kolizey, Charizma, Arda, The Aquarius, Reanimacia, Callisto and Decuman Wave. I guess this CD fits somewhere in the middle of these 2 groups, but I do know that there are more keys on this CD than the debut (it's quite symphonic at times, plus there are some progressive parts similar to what's heard on the amazing 'Rubicon' from Caesar), so that could be the biggest reason why I'm thinking it's a slightly different style than the debut.

Simply put, the songwriting on this CD is far superior to what the debut offered up. The songs are exciting, catchy, memorable, and it's an overall excellent CD. Half of the songs are extreme highlights and up there with the best songs from the many mentioned bands. So it's really quite simple - if you were a bit disappointed with 'Hell storm', give 'The quiet life, not for us' an optimistic chance. In addition, if you're a big fan of Russian-language heavy/power metal bands like myself (it should be no secret that I have a soft spot for it), this comes highly recommended.




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