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Contact:  Rob Zipprian, Owner & Engineer
7906 Galloping Circle, Baltimore, Maryland 21244



  • Digital recording at $10 an hr. or $100 for 12 hr block. 
  • Put your next demo on a disc.
"Come To The Home Of Heavy Metal"


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References include

  • Ditch   
    •  JunkRod
      •  Blackball        
  • Nerve
    • Bloodline
      • Ten Lashes
  • Psychotogen
    • Resurekkted
      • The Kill Circus
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  • Roland 1680

    • Mackie board

  • Lexicon effects

    • Behringer Tube mic pre and compressor.

  • Oktava 319 mic

    • a  ton of 57s and 58s

  • Mesa boogie Rocto & 3 cabs

    • Call for a full list..

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    • What does it sound like??
      Awesome..Storebought......Just as good or better than the big guys..
    • How do you record??
      You can record "Live" or "droptrack" ( one at a time)
    • Are you a musician??
      Yes. I am a guitarist for more than 25 years.  In several local bands over the years. Toured the east coast several times.
    • How long have you been recording?   
               I've been recording and running live sound for 10 years.
    • Why am I so cheap??
      Hey Im a musician, we are all broke.. And I love music. And I have a real job.
    • And - I also have a lounge area to do whatever you need to do to get your creativity flowing...


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