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--J' Pg--

--hey and welcome to my site already know who i i guess you can just look around and's still under construction so don't get mad if your not in can WAIT!and don't complain....because i really don't care...*as everyone says(not usually me)Patience is a virtue...*

--->DoN't FoRgEt To SiGn My GuEsTbOoK! I mEaN iT!!!!! <---

~~~~>LATER DAYS<~~~~

~~~~>If LiFe HaNdS yOu LeMoNs...EaT eM'!;)<~~~~

~~~~>I'm Going To Get A New Layout Soon, That's Why I Am Not Updating It So Don't Get Moody! I Still Love You All!<~~~~

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About Meeee!
!my journal!
!Song Of The Week!


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LeSs ThAn JaKe(what more can i say?)
Sk8boarding anyone?
Peanuts are the best!
Wanna Snowboard/sk8 or w/e..CHECK THE WEATHER!
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The Coolest Skate Company In The World! DC!

LoOk aT tHe GuEsTbOok!
*SiGn ThE gUeStBoOk*