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Influence of Music

Music has a big influence in our lives. This is what we have been taught. In my opinion, people have the ability to do what they want from the start of their lives. Music doesn't really influence the choices we make, but it does spark a fire. By listening to music, we throw our minds in the constantly flowing river of guitars, vocals and drums. We may occasionaly say "hey! I want to be like these guys" but it wasnt the musicians who told us to do it. I think that this point can be worked either way. Musicians such as Ozzy Osbourne, and Judas Priest have been blamed for the mistakes of others. Their music became the scapegoat. In my opinion, the people who accuse are nothing more than hypocrits who have nothing better to do with their time than judge others. Dont get mad at me...I am just telling you what I think. But I do beleive that most people would agree with my point of view. The only ones who wouldnt are the people that attempt to mold our minds like clay. We are not puppets to be told what to do. We can make our own choices, and we don't need to be influenced by anything!

By Jeremy

In my opinion, music has no part in influencing violent acts. Music is a good way to let off anger or berserker rage, but I've never known it to cause people to perform terrible deeds. Also, as several court cases held against bands for allegedly leading people to kill either others or themselves show, music can sometimes influence two teenagers who are smoking LOTS OF marijuana and listening to heavy metal while doing so to create a suicide pact. All in all, music does not influence people to do bad things, it's the people that need to be taken into account.

By Ian