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M Cube's Game Page

Yup, games are fun. The reason i put this page up is because usually when i want to play games at school the sites are blocked. Hopefully this site wont be blocked. More games will be added later. (NOTE!!!!) SOME OF THE GAMES I STOLE MAY DISPLAY A WARNING SAYING THAT IT WAS STOLEN. TO BYPASS THIS BLOCK RIGHT CLICK ON THE GAME WHEN IT IS LOADED AND UN CLICK PLAY. THEN CLICK CLICK AGAIN AND CLICK FOWARD THEN CLICK PLAY ONCE AGAIN. M Cube

The Sh*t

Home (Not a game)
Dope Wars (Sick game)
Kill Pokemon
Xiao Xiao Number 4
Ganguro Girl
Franks Adventure (Not for kids under 18... Yeah right)
Skull Kid (Great for the office)
Create A Ride (Sweet Game)
Tsunami (Great Shooter)
Virtual Drive-by 2 (Need i say more?)
7 Kisses (A hentai game, 18+ )
Metal Slug Stick
Drag Racer (Cool Game, Like Create a Ride but you can choose from tons of cars)
Franks Adventure 2 (Sweet, great game)
The Class Room (Cool Game)
The Playground
Ultimate Sonic
Now, this isnt a game, Funny movie