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3-15-05 -We've lost one more pledge. Best of luck, Rob.
3-5-05 -We have, unfortunately, lost a pledge. Sorry to see you go, Liz. We wish you the best of luck.
2-19-05 -If you're seeing this then you've obviously been made aware of the changes. I figured out how to get things rolling on Angelfire again. It will be more convenient to have the site run here when I no longer maintain it and plus we now get a photo album. Check it out through the link on the left.
-I've continued updating the calendar and pledge roster. I've also gone through and corrected all spelling errors. Oh the excitement of being webmaster...
-I've got some links listed now...let me know if something should be added.
2-15-05 -The Pledge Roster actually resembles a roster now... Contact information and all that jazz is in the process of being updated. Check back, it's all in the works.
2-14-05 -The Pledge Roster has been updated. Soon I will include contact information and all of that good stuff.
-The Active Roster has been updated. Bethany and Caitlin have gone alumni and some minor contact/personal details have been updated, Meg Bowen is active again this semester. Welcome back Meg!
1-23-05: Part II -New look to the main page! I thought I'd subject everyone to my rantings about the latest updates :)
-Hey borders. So I figured out frames, yay me!
-The Pledging Schedule is complete and can be located in the link entitled "Pledging Schedule"...Duh Duh...
-There will be dead links in the menu bar for a while. Just be patient and I promise they will do something soon.
-So I migrated away from Angelfire. I put in all this new code and for some reason it didn't work...but go figure that it works no problem through Carthage's Web hosting.
1-23-05 -The calendar has been completely updated through July.
-So I had this idea...I was thinking that other info from the pledge book could be put into the website. I think it would be a great online reference...I'll have to talk to everyone about that.
-I updated the member directory. I won't bore you with the details. Go check it out.
-Pledge book info is being added. The powers, purposes, and history are updated and available.
1-22-05 -The color scheme has been changed. I found the old one a bit abrasive. I hope this new one is easier on the eyes.
-I began updates on the calendar. I didn't really make any progress, except that I deleted the old one.
-I also updated the pledge list...whereas we don't have basically it's blank :)
-I sent out a call that all current actives start sending me pictures so that I can put them on the site.