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The Three Powers of the Fraternity

The primary purpose of Lambda Kappa is the promotion of music and matters pertinent to music. In order to realize this desired goal we must depend upon three powers: Music Power, Man Power, and Money Power. The fulfillment of our aims depends upon these powers backed by a constant commitment to the reasons for our fraternity's existence.

Music Power: Music power implies the quantitative and qualitative standards of performance. For example, our fraternity presents a minimum of three recitals per year. It is important to keep our central focus of music in sight.

Man Power: Man power pertains to the quality as well as quantity. It takes dedicated members to work effectively in music. Man Power represents both strength in numbers and a creative membership. We encourage all ideas that will improve the total fraternity. Each member should be knowledgeable in musical matters and be able to voice opinions intelligently. Membership in Lambda Kappa is a lifetime association with the fraternity and with music. The fraternity has much to offer you, and you, in turn, have much to offer the fraternity. A lifetime association with a fraternity consecrated to music and fraternal spirit is a powerful and professional force.

Money Power: We must have money to operate a fraternity successfully. No one member is expected to pay the bills alone; rather, it is a group responsibility for all who call themselves members. Our fraternity's dues are $25.00 per semester, and the deadlines for payment are the first Monday of the second month of a given semester.