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Your obligations to the fraternity are divided into six categories: Attitude, Scholarship, Activities, Work, Participation, and Finances.

1. Attitude - You were invited to membership in Lambda Kappa because you impressed some member or members by your attitude toward music and toward your fellow student. Your attitude will have much to do with your being accepted to full membership. Your name may be reconsidered at any time during your probationary period.

One of the purposes of Lambda Kappa is to develop the truest fraternal spirit among its members - male and female. Another aim is to advocate a collective support of all endeavors of students of music. This attitude of friendship should be strengthened and developed during your probationary period. You must also build trust, understanding, tolerance, sympathy, honor, and sincerity. The fraternal brother encourages rather than condemns, comments and advises rather than criticizes. These are the attitudes which you must strive to develop.

2. Scholarship - Along with your attitude, there was a careful examination of your academic record. A minimum GPA of 2.75 is expected of all prospective members. When you become a full member, you will be expected to maintain the same scholastic standard. Lambda Kappa members are expected to strive for scholastic superiority in all subject areas.

3. Activities - You have already shown an active interest in music or you would not have been invited to membership. As an integral part of the probationary period, you are expected to participate in a musical program which will be open to the public. This is to assure the fraternity that you are actively interested an competent in music.

4. Work - As a probationary member, some of your work may not bear much meaning for you at the time. The fraternity members are better acquainted with the fraternity and will outline what you might undertake as a service project. The nature of your projects will be dictated by the traditions of the fraternity, the size of your probationary class, and other variable local factors. The worth of these projects to the fraternity and the school is bounded only by the limits of your own creativity, sincerity, and energy.

5. Participation - Your fraternity requires your attendance at activities, all meetings of the probationary class, all social functions during the probationary period, and all of the recitals with Lambda Kappa participants. Naturally, the fraternity expects you to be serious about your commitment and to prepare yourself diligently for your initiation and the eventual responsibilities of full membership.

6. Finances - Your financial obligation of $25.00 is due each semester by the first Monday of the second month of that semester.