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Prospect Knightline

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3/22/03:School has started and summer band camp is finaly over which is nice. We are also getting new drums this year. We are not however getting the silver sparkle drums but just plain, but we are getting the MTS on the snares so that is SWEET! latas

4/17/03 : Another drumline practice/tryout is being held this weekend on April 19 from 1-4 pm. Call or e-mail dave if you can't come.

We are the Prospect Knightline from Prospect High School in Mt. Prospect, IL. This year the drumline consisted of 7 snares, 3 tenors, and 5 bases. The pit included 3 vibraphones, 3 marrimbas, and various percussion instruments. Last year our band won the B.O.A. Regional Championship and many other local competitions. We have been the winner at the University of Illinois's band competition for 20 years running. With hard practice and dedication we strive to be one of the best bands in the nation. Now we are in concert season and the band is taking a break after recently visiting New York city and playing in the Macy's Day Parade for Thanks Giving.

Pictures by Skip Peterson

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