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Kirbee's Pictures
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This one is Lily waiting for her books at Jinner's Knockturn Alley, before Severus meets her. It's my most recent real picture, before Voldemort, but he doesn't really count. It's also definitely my favorite. If I didn't have a staying-in-the-lines phobia, I might have colored this one, but I didn't.


This is James giving his big speech. In case you can't tell, you're seeing his back, and the circles is the dimmed audience. This was my first one, and before I hadn't drawn diddly. It's not the greatest, but better than I had expected. You'll notice I don't show faces, two reasons, I could never draw them as I imagine them if I could draw, and two, I can't draw that well.


This one is pretty much dumb luck on paper. I drew this on my scratch paper, experimenting with arm positioning and hair and profiles. It's intended to be Lily yelling at Gretchen Nott for being rather mean hag. I was just goofing around with the hair, but I ended up liking it.


My second work. James and Lily are at Hogwarts waiting while the election is taking place. Lily's keeping track of votes, and James is nearly dying from the agony of it all. I erased this an unbelievable amount of times, hence the smudging, because I can't draw the same thing decently twice. Haha, I can only laugh.

You Know Who

I'm not really sure what to say about this one. I got this great idea yesterday in computer graphics to draw Voldemort wreaking some sort of havoc, and my first idea was a burning house. Voldemort started out looking 'womanly' to Cassie's idea, so he was revamped, and now we have the real deal. It's not too great, but about the limit of my abilities. The house was way too hard, they allude me, and that long thing is his wand. One person thought he was flipping somebody off. Once again, I can only laugh.

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