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Keyboard Krackers

Hi all you keyboard fans out there!! Welcome to my keyboard website...."Keyboard Krackers"!! This website has been designed especially for all you keyboard fans out there who are looking for somewhere to feel welcome. There is something on this website for everyone....even if you are a beginner!! My name is Carly, I'm 15 years old and I live in England. I've always been very interested in playing the keyboard since I was about 11 and I got my first keyboard for christmas from my parents!! I'm not a very advanced keyboard player but I have come quite far since I have started taking keyboard lessons at school. I started back in about September 2002!! Since starting keyboard lessons at school, I have picked up things such as tunes off of some of my friends who play the piano and keyboard. I am now interested in what other people can do and I'd love to get other people involved in playing the keyboard and to pass on to others what I know about the subject. I now want to play the piano as I am keen on learning another similar instrument. I would love to hear from you all. Please e-amil me at the bottom of this page as I will be very grateful for all your e-mails. The best e-mails will get published on the site as a thankyou!! Thanks for visiting my site!! I hope you find it fun, interesting and helpful!! On this site you will find three sections. More may be added soon so keep checking!! These three sections are "Beginners Section", "Able Players Section" and "Other Interesting Bitz". Click on them....see what you find!!!!

My Top Three Keyboard Songs:

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