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East Brady Riverfest 2003

This year, as with all years in remembrance, we marched in the East Brady Riverfest Parade. There are only two marching bands in the parade, the Karns City High School Marching Band and the Kittanning High School Marching Band. As can be expected, the "home band" (East Brady is in the KC school district) had to show up with only six minutes until the parade started while Kittanning was there a half hour early (and they have a much longer drive). Below are some images from the parade captured by the Webmaster (who was lucky enough to barely get right in front of the Kittanning buses when driving to East Brady and not get stuck on the bridge with them).


Hmm, what is wrong with this image? Maybe it is that the "home band" is only ten members strong while the ones that had to drive for 20 minutes are here in full strength a half hour early? You tell me.

Oh look! The KC band shows up with only six minutes until the parades starts. Isn't the KC High School only about five to ten minutes away from East Brady and they were supposed to leave about a half hour before the parade?

Here is a nice shot of the Kittanning Band. Now, imagine that with purple shirts and dark colored shorts on and you will see the KC band. We were closer to the front of the parade than they were and the Webmaster was unable to get any shots of the KC band in the parade.