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  John Toscano


John Toscano is New Zealand's leading MIDI accordionist, having won many awards including the Wellington Competition Society Challenge Cup five times.

Accordion Evergreens
"The blend of natural nuances of the acoustic accordion and exactitude of the MIDI instrumentation creates an ambience and atmosphere that is compelling and unique.

This is a compilation of classics, resurrected as instrumentals using the latest digital technologies to create the sound of the 21st century."

Accordion Evergreens is only available through mail order - you won't find it in stores.

To get a copy of Accordion Evergreens: Simply post a cheque to 82 Makarini Street, Paraparaumu, New Zealand, 6010 for the amount of $22.95 NZD (includes $3.00 p&p) payable to John Toscano. Don't forget to include your return address!