Jillify Your Mind: Getting The Full Jill Experience

Have you heard one of Jill's songs on the radio, and want to buy an album? This page is for you.
This is my recomended path you take to get the full Jill experience.

~I would start out with the album, "I Never Learned To Swim." This is Jill's 2001 compilation album,
and it gives you different songs from each of her albums.

~Next, buy her self titled album. It has her biggest hit, "I Kissed A Girl," and also other superb songs
like "Karen By Night" and "Margeret." Be careful when looking in used bins.
I have been informed that there is a version without the song "Supermodel,"
and you absolutely want the one with that song on it.

~Once you have played the self titled to your heart's content, "Pink Pearl" is an excellent
follow up. This is Jill's 2000 release. A very great buy,

~After "Pink Pearl," if you can find it, "Happy Town," has excellent songs on it.
This is out of print, however, you can find copies of it on eBay, or you may have
luck while searching through the used bin (where I found my copy).

~Also, you can search for "Things Here Are Different." This is Jill's debut album,
and it is hard to find, but not out of print.
You can certainly find this album on eBay and other places.

*Oh, and don't forget to check out Jill's new album, "Underdog Victorious,"
set to release on September 7th!*