Jill Sobule Bio

Jill Sobule started out going to the University of Colorado. 
She dropped out, however, to pursue a career in music. 
For nearly ten years she struggled until she finally landed a deal with MCA records. 
In 1990, Jill debuted with her album, "Things Here are Different." This album went nowhere. 
She made another album with MCA, but it was lost and never released, and MCA dropped her contract after that.
Jill was back in 1995 when Lava Records made the album, "Jill Sobule," which had her biggest hit to date on it, "I Kissed a Girl." 
This album also contains "Supermodel," which was featured in the movie "Clueless." 
In 1997, Jill made the album, "Happytown," which is currently out of print. 
This album includes the songs, "Bitter," "When My Ship Comes In," and "Half a Heart." 
After this album, Lava Records dropped her contract.
In 2000, Jill came out with the album, "Pink Pearl" with Beyond records. 
This includes the songs "One of These Days," "Lucy at the Gym," and "Rock Me to Sleep." 
In 2001, a compilation album was made entitled, "I Never Learned to Swim." 
This featured songs from each of her albums, including a few new songs.