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Random Things About Me

Full Name: Jillian
Siblings: Austin (12) Mason (7)
Hair Color: light brown
Eye Color: dark blue
Height: 5'2"
Been In Love: no
Eaten An Entire Box Of Oreos: yes
Been On Stage: well, yeah
Gotten In A Car Accident: yes
Dyed Your Hair: yes, and I have it almost grown out (!!!)
Ran Around Naked In Front Of People: psh..noooo
Choked In Front Of People On Your Own Spit Or Drink: all the time
Gone To School In Your Pajamas: yes
Gotten Detention: no, of course not
Loved Someone So Much That It Made You Cry: no

cold / hot: cold
blue / red: blue
rain / snow: snow
give / receive: either...can't decide
wool / cotton: Cotton...wool is itchy
rose / daisy: daisy
private school / public school: I prefer private...I am in public
chocolate milk / plain milk: chocolate
celsius / fahrenheit: fahrenheit
spring / fall: spring
history / science: science
math / english: english
country / rock: rock
coke / pepsi: coke
cherry coke / vanilla coke: cherry
sprite / 7up: neither
love / lust: love
sleep / eat: both..

give hugs: yes
give back rubs: backs are gross for some reason. Just the word "back" sounds gross
take walks in the rain: yes
go to the beach: yes
watch tv: no
do homework: no
play in the snow: yes
stay up all night talking to friends: no
work out: never
talk on the phone: no
go online: yes
be wild: sometimes

been to a concert: who hasn't?
been out of state: yes
laughed so hard you cried: yes
gone skinny dipping: no
broken a bone: no
ran a marathon: no
met a famous person: not yet;-)
bought something and then sold it: what?
broken the law: noo
stole from someone or somewhere: no
stalked someone: no

what really makes you mad: people eating my food
what is your earliest memory: reading a baby book

~ NOW ~
name one good quality about you: get back to me on that
if you were a crayon, what color would you be: turquoise
who would u like to spend the rest of your life with:!