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February 1, 2004
Hey! This is the first day I freely gave out my page address to y'all. Some of my subpages I have not made yet; you will probably find those pretty quick. It is obvious that this page is not new--I started making pages over 2 years ago--dork that I am. I know the music can get annoying for those that do not appreciate the art of pirate songs, so if you want to stop it, right click on the little grey box below the layout. That's about all I have to say today except if you don't want to have to go to my Xanga every time you want to come here the address is

December 28, 2003
Today I started most of my site. I made quite a few subpages and I am thoroughly worn out. I hope to have the full page up by New Year's Day, but I may not be ready by then. I tried transferring content from my old page's menu to this one, but I have forgotten the password so that didn't work very well. Have a happy holiday!
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