Dee Eliminated 9/26/03

Age: 19
Location: New York
Song: I'll Stand By You
Artist: The Pretenders
There's really not too much: I can remember about the 80's that doesnt relate to music. Music was the main interest in my life for as long as I can remember. I just feel like the 80's was the time when music really shined. Look at the artists today, and how many of them redo songs from the 80's. Some people dont even realize that alot of the songs they love don't belong to the artists who are singing them. I feel as though many great artists came out at that time, and even the one hit wonders who didnt last that long had a strong influence. There is no music that can compare to that of the 80's. It was just awesome! Judge's Response
Although her vibrato and consonants (clarity) were commendable, her key was not consistent thoughout the song, which is basically what a song IS. Grace Eliminated 9/26/03

Age: 15
Location: Chennai in India
Song: Greatest Love of All
Artist: Whitney Houston
The 80s are special to me because: Icons such as madonna and whitney flooded the decade with their bold, inspiring exhibition of talent and personality.
Judge's Response
She produced a whiny sound with no connection between the phrases. Her key constantly changed, her style was unclear, and there was noise in the background which sounded like clapping that distorted the noise even more.

Clarissa Eliminated 9/26/03

Age: 15
Location: Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
Song: All Out Of Love
Artist: Air Supply
I was born in '88: So I don't remember anything about the 80s! But what I love is that my two parents came together and made ME! =) lol I love many songs from the 80s such as All Out Of Love by Air Supply, Call Me by Blondie, Overjoyed by Stevie Wonder and many more... 80s music rocks!!! Judge's Response
Her improvisational sections, perfect style, and great intonation combine to make a beautiful sound.

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