Packs being assembled.

Melissa gives someone an unfortunate Concordant Crossroads.

The box starts to fill up.

Melissa still hard at work.

A very rare shot of Ben being lazy and Grinton being goofy.

Mike with a handful of grizzlies.


Murph commits dork harakiri.

Smalley dreams of Rancors and Wildfires.

Ben with Teh Dork Manifesto in the background.

The first 6 packs of scrub league!

Grinton grabs his.

Fishing around.

Scrub league and superheroes simultaneously.

Ian prays for an island.

The Supreme Dork Champion trophy!

A larger shot.

Reveka, the highlight of my deck.

Shade tinkers with his Black and Green deck in preparation for the first tournament.

The results of the tinkering.

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