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Hello: My Name Is Goddess

How I Became Spectacular

These are the beginings of my old site. Quite fascinating if pointless, I have way too much time on my hands apparently. When a genius is born, the world doesn't recognize it so I am here to prove that even though I am a little wierd, I am a genius and though I don't get good grades in school, I am just not being challenged and stuff. Other than being extremely smart I enjoy singing and reading and above all else, reading, (notice I mentioned it twice?), any way, I am flattered that you are here and please explore to your hearts content, The most recent entries are at the bottom so scroll for the latest! Monday September 8, 2003 Ramblings of a genius: NAZA As a prediction NAZA will not discover much in the way of space exploration. As is Nazis are stupid or else they wouldn’t be racist, feminist, and discriminatory as well as everything else they are. Anyway, NAZA is what I believe to be a Nazi space exploration and education center in the heart of Antarctica. After further research, I have concluded that Naza is a comic book character. To be exact, he is a stone age warrior, he has a girl friend named Keene and together they go on adventures through the stone age. If you want to learn more about Naza and Keene go to Have fun but don’t get as obsessed as Rod Hunsicker.