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The 100 Gayest Songs of All-Time

It is a problem that has plagued mankind for centuries. Even history's greatest thinkers, men like Aristotle and Benjamin Franklin, have lacked the confidence to confront it. But when history's great men drop the ball, it is up to the great men of modernity to correct their mistakes. That is why, after years of deliberation, and month's of soul searching, we are pleased to announce the final list of the most homosexual songs ever made.

The List

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Living in a democratic society, it is important to discuss the key issues of the day. Whether we're discussing war on Iraq or debating just how gay Bryan Adams really is, every opinion matters. So take a look at the above guestbook and put in your two cents, because if you don't, the terrorists have already won.

List compiled by Justin Nowell, Matt Richissin, Ken Brown, Ryan Eaton, John Hildreth, Greg Keohan, Chris Reid, and [NAME REDACTED FOR SECURITY REASONS].