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Gr8ful Ted's Rock Photos Site

The photos on this site represent a collection of photographs I have taken of musical acts, mostly over the past few years. Feel free to use them for not-for-profit purposes if you choose, but please give photo credit to Gr8ful Ted Productions. If you would like to use them for a for-profit purpose, please contact me directly.

The majority of the photos on this site are of Little Feat, since they have been so kind and generous to allow me all access so often. My sincere thanks to the members of Little Feat and to their road manager, Denny Jones, and to all of the Feat fans who have also helped.

Little Feat Portland, OR 03/12/05

Little Feat Portland, OR 06/25/03

Little Feat Albany, OR 08/15/02

Little Feat Portland, OR 08/16/02

Little Feat Bend, OR 08/21/02

Little Feat Bend, OR 07/05/01

Susan Tedeschi 07/06/03 Portland, OR

Etta James 07/06/03 Portland, OR

The Dead 09/21/03


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