4 corner Hustler 4 life ERIN AND HERBIE
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4 corner Hustler 4 life

Types of 4's

Yeah, Kiss name known, matter fact, Kiss name blown And bitches always wanna hit me like I just came home But I still put the tools in ya mouth Niggas know that I'm a monster on the East, but I'm huge in the South This is evil in the trenches and everybody starvin' So to get the money right we put the deisel on the benches 'Down Bottom' feel like the ol' days Fuckin' with the corn liquor ridin' around listen to O'Jays When we loadin' the clip every slug gotta catch When you goin' to war every thug got his match SS baby, blue Impala with the mack in it Big gold cup with rhinestones with my pack in it It's like the jungle but the broads is fine And if they ain't puffin' crippie, then this Georgia fine Listen, I'm the wrong nigga to style with My motherfuckin' problem to reconcile with Nigga what


Hey Erin this is too you so stay wit my a true thug I am here to rep my girl and gang so fuck you marks I am here too stay.