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Soon to Be: Band Champions of the World Johnny Mysterious Moses Bogart Chubs Bogart
Founder, guitarist, and vocalist Chubs Bogart was born March 3rd, 1981. A fat child, chubs later learned to eat right and slim up. With his newfound slenderness, he now models for Elle.
After Bobby Intrigue's dissapointing departure in March of 2003, Johnny Mysterious mysteriously appeared to fill the void. His drumming skill is matched by none.
Older brother of Chubs, and co-founder, bassist Moses Bogart rocks the stage surrounded by dark, curly hair. Moses claims to have parted the Red Sea in an attempt to escape the clutches of Pharoah.
Moses and Chubs being brothers, they have known each other their whole lives. In early 2002, the two started writing music together, after an inspiring meeting with two newfound friends: James Barr and Sean Collins. After hearing the story of James' and Sean's meeting, Chubs was moved to riff. This was the beginning of Dramaturg. That night, James Meets Sean was written, and the seed was planted.

The Bogart brothers continued to write music, taking inspiration from people they met, and spent many nights playing until morning. They experimented in live performance, often rotating drummers when friends were available to hold a beat for them. Unfortunately, nobody could commit, and Dramaturg was left percussionless.

In 2002, Moses and Chubs began frequenting Club Dunbar, a local gathering place. The guest list included Bobby Intrigue one momentous evening. He picked up some sticks to hammer out a beat, and the duo was so impressed they invited him to join the band. Music history was the result.

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Bobby Intrigue left the band in March of 2003, and left hole in Dramaturg that seemed impossible to fill.

Fate was on the side of the Bogarts. One afternoon in early July, Moses and Chubs were volunteering to tutor gifted students at the local Parkside Academy. They came across a young gentleman by the name of Johnny Mysterious. He had a strange talent for the drums, and could memorize telephone books in one night. The Bogarts knew what they had to do. Several days later, Johnny was in the band, and nothing can stop Dramaturg now!