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+ + + = get the $ soon

+ + =hmmm....burn it

+ = oh my god the pain!

Linkin Park:Meteora

    Ok, I'll admit it I was starting to lose my faith in Linkin Park. Ever since they decided to issue Reanimation I really had some doubts in my head weather or not they could be able to come out with an album that was as good as Hybrid Theory was.  But, I guess I was wrong in my thinking. Meteora to me does live up to the hype and the long awaited release. This album in some parts does surpass what they did on Hybrid Theory. Tracks like Hit The Floor and Somewhere I Belong give you something to bang your head with. I know pretty soon I'll start rambling on how good this album is so I will now give you people the grade for this album.

Rating: + + +

AFI:Sing The Sorrow

      I'm a stickler for punk rock so it only makes sense that I take the opportunity to talk about this album. This presents itself as a great album. Every track is listenable. There is no sonic ranting for minutes where you don't understand what is being sung. Punk has kind taken somewhat of a backseat since the 80's and early 90's. This album proves that punk is still alive and will always be around. AFI gives the listener something to pump themselves up to. There are so many tracks that are capable of being a hit single.  So, here's my rating.



  I'll admit that I am a huge fan of this band. Their album is probably one of the best albums that I have come across in recent years. Even though at times their songs can be dark, but they still pack a powerful emotional punch. My Immortal for example is soft and yet to the heart. Another album where the hit single isn't the only song to give a listen to. Giving this band credit its great that they got Paul McCoy of 12 Stones to help on current single Bring Me To Life. So here's the rating for this album

Rating: ++++


   This is CD is the one I was the most excited about. I'm a huge Godsmack fan I'll admit that. Well, before I start rambling on about how much I like Godsmack I'll start reviewing the CD. This album has a compelling sound. The tracks on this album are great. One thing that puzzles me is that they have I Stand Alone on the album. A song that has been around for a bit now. Maybe they planned on having the song on this album who knows. But this is a killer album. If this is the last album they would ever produce it is one that will leave a mark.


Breaking Benjamin:Saturate

   This is a great debut album. Every track is listenable. Nothing on this album is flawed. The first hit on the album Polyamorus got me into this band and I'm glad for it. I wouldn't have found such a great band. Now with releasing Skin as the second single should make more people want to go out and pick up this album. Most of this albums power come from the unreleased songs like Water and Home. Well, you Breaking Benjamin fans here you guys go.



   This is the final album that I will be reviewing. I think its pretty safe to say that many people were looking forward to the release of this album. This album had a different direction to it. with Draiman's gospel it gives this band a fresh sound and feel. Some people who I have talked with about this album are disappointed with Disturbed. I think this is a great album that should be given alot of respect. Great tracks like Liberate, Believe, and Awaken pack such a great meaning. I hope you guys have enjoyed my reviews of these great CDs.



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