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Premature Tranquility Bio

   Premature Tranquility Means: untimely freedom from disturbance.

    Premature Tranquility is:

Scott Frequency-Vocals

Crystal Profane-Guitar 1

Kelly Bound- Guitar 2

Adam Skin-Bass

Ashley Washed-out-Drums


    The formation of this band came after a lot of heated debate in my former band The Cold Theory. There were so many creative differences between me and the drummer, so I left the band and took Crystal Profane with me. Now we have this band Premature Tranquility. We have established that I am the song writer in the band but if there is a time when I cannot think of anything to write I will go to them for help.

    We hope to bring something new to the music industry. We want to take this as far as we can. There are people who think that we are just another part of the status quo in the world of rock. We intend to prove those people wrong.

    Each member of this band has something special to bring to the band, and you will be able to hear that when you listen to our music. Currently we have no tour plans, we are focussing on getting our album done whenever that might be but remember the Premature Tranquility is dispel all the critics and have a great time doing it.